FunderMax® HPL Exterior Architectural Panels

Give your building a distinctive look with long-lasting, durable FunderMax® phenolic panels. Add a splash of bold or neon colors, revel in the look of natural stone, wood grain, or warm earth tones,  or add the depth of urban metallics or abstracts - Fundermax® high-pressure laminate (HLP) panels will bring your design aesthetic to life with distinctive colors, textures, and depth.

Versatile, high-quality Fundermax® rainscreen facade panels make it easy to create a unique aesthetic that meets extreme requirements.

Fundermax® exterior panels are available in several styles, sizes, finishes, and textures, including fire resistant and UV resistant panels. The Fundermax® color and design options are truly impressive.

Strength and Unique Beauty

Fundermax® is continually developing new dimensions in décor nuances and variety in HPL panels built for consistent protection and uncompromising strength. As a contemporary, cost-effective rainscreen facade, it is resistant in the face of all external influences.

Quality Management

Fundermax® is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer – assuring consistent quality and long-lasting performance. Fundermax® panels are backed by a 20-year warranty.

Sustainable Production

Fundermax® exterior high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels are made from recycled sawdust from sustainably harvested wood. The wood fibers are formed into kraft papers that are then impregnated with synthetic resins. These are laminated under tremendous pressure and high temperature to create the HPL panels. Double-hardened acrylic PUR resins provide extremely effective weather protection that is particularly suitable for long-lasting facade claddings.

Rainscreen Facade Installation

Fundermax® HPL panels are easy to install as rainscreen façade; four rainscreen installation options.

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Fundermax® Exterior Architectural Panels

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