Swisspearl® Cement Composite Architectural Panels

From high rise, air towers to schools to high-end residential, since 2004, working on more than 150 projects, our staff has helped architects, builders, and owners to achieve a high-end façade aesthetic backed up by the longest warranties in the industry, at low lifetime costs, and virtually maintenance free.

The harsh Southern sun beats down relentlessly on building facades. It creates a costly, ongoing battle to stay ahead of fading, cracking, and peeling. In the Northwest, buildings are rain-drenched for weeks at a time.

For forty years, Swisspearl®, the leader in cement composite panels, has invested in extensive research and development. The result is a truly impressive cement composite architectural panel that is brilliantly suited to protect buildings from severe weather - especially our harsh sun, melting heat, heavy or persistent rain, and fierce hail storms.

Swisspearl® architectural panels deliver superior results compared to other cement composite panels, these are just a few.


Swisspearl® offers the widest range of through-finish colored panels - from the core to the face, the color is the consistent (Carat panel line). Through-finish colors have excellent color retention, panel integrity, and never need painting - for a beautiful aesthetic at a low lifetime cost. With more than 60 colors available, it is easy to find the right color for your project. For larger projects, when you want an exact match, custom color is available. For darker shades, a factory applied "HR" coating is available; it provides anti-graffiti protection, extra UV protection, and scratch resistance. Each color has been ASTM G155 tested and is warranted for color fastness.

Test Results and Quality Standards

Swisspearl® submits its cement composite panels to comprehensive product and program testing. The results are impressive.

With their proven high quality, Swisspearl® cement composite panels look and perform beautifully for decades, virtually maintenance-free.

Panel Integrity

Swisspearl® panels are manufactured in an "air cured process" for four weeks (compare to two days for other manufacturers) making it 50% more dense than autoclaved panels. Air curing enables Swisspearl® to use their proprietary colorfast components and unique reinforcing fibers. You only have to pick up a sample from the other guys to feel the difference in weight. Swisspearl® panels are unrivaled in their components and capabilities. Swisspearl® cement composite panels are THE ONLY fiber cement panel to receive the EU's 5A rating - the highest class rating (according to European CE conformity (EN 12467)) - giving Swisspearl® cement composite panels a standard life expectancy of greater than 50 years!

Installation Approach

Swisspearl® cement composite panels are installed in accordance with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation. This fully developed and proven cladding system effectively protects the building structure, and with it the whole building, from the elements for decades. This is a rain-screen system. On hot, sunny days it vents hot air out of the cavity between the panel and the next layer of the wall – keeping heat from building up.

Element Architectural Products is your exclusive distributor for Swisspearl® products in Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

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Swisspearl® Cement Composite Architectural Panels

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